My Ultimate Baby Registry

Gender neutral baby registry

When I was pregnant, I looked through so many sites to make sure I had everything I needed on my baby registry. We weren’t finding out the gender so I wanted to focus on neutral items that I could use with either a boy or girl (and for future babies).

With each item, I went overboard in researching, but I wanted the best and safest products I could afford. Now that Amelia is 7 months old, and I have used all of these products, I wanted to make a list for others.

I hope this list works as a guide to help you create your own registry for your little one!


Nursery Furniture

Nursery picks
CribMattress |Waterproof Mattress PadSheetsRecliner and Swivel Glider
Baby Monitor with Wearable Breathing TrackerSound Machine Night LightHumidifier
6 Cube Organizer ShelfFabric Organization CubeAcrylic Bookshelf

Crib – Non-toxic, neutral, stylish

Mattress – Non-toxic, comes with waterproof mattress pad

Waterproof Mattress Pad – You will want an extra

Sheets – Make sure to have a couple spare

Recliner and Swivel Glider – After my c-section, I actually slept in this chair for the first week, the quiet electric recliner was perfect for getting up and not waking baby. I was also able to charge my phone in the chair, who knew that would ever come in handy

Baby Monitor with Wearable Breathing Tracker – This monitor tracks your baby’s sleep and now has a swaddle or a band you can put on your baby that tracks breathing movements. Compatible with smartphones and the Amazon Show.

Sound Machine Night Light – Control the light and sound from your phone. This feature was so helpful when I had to go into Amelia’s room at night to feed her. I just turned the nightlight on from my phone and could easily see what I was doing when I got to her room.

Humidifier – Humidifier, night light, diffuser in 1! Check out my review video I did here

6 Cube Organizer Shelf – You’ve got to have somewhere to store all those toys

Fabric Organization Cube – I love these simple, neutral cubes!

Acrylic Bookshelf – A great option for displaying books in the nursery


Hospital OutfitSwaddle with Matching GownOnesiesPajamas
MittensSocksVelcro SwaddlesSleep SackMuslin Swaddle Blankets
HangersLaundry DetergentStain Remover SprayPacifier and TeetherPacifier Clip

Hospital Outfit – Neutral “Welcome to the World” outfit

Swaddle with Matching Gown – These buttery soft, stretchy blankets were lifesavers when it came to swaddling, the knotted gowns were great for quick and easy diaper changes

Onesies – Lots and lots of onesies, these are all Amelia wore for the first few weeks she was home

Pajamas – I prefer snap up pajamas, the zippered ones always arched up and cover Amelia’s mouth

Mittens – Perfect for protecting your little one’s face from their fingernails

Socks – must-haves

Velcro Swaddles – Perfect for baby Houdinis

Sleep Sack – Once your baby can have their arms out, sleep sacks are a great wearable blanket

Muslin Swaddle Blankets – A staple. Use these for a stroller blanket, breastfeeding cover, playmat, etc…

Hangers – A must for those tiny clothes

Laundry Detergent – Made from only five earth-derived ingredients, non-toxic, rated “A” by EWG

Stain Remover Spray – Safe and effective on spit-up stains, poop and mashed in food

Pacifier and Teether – I love this brand! They are always coming out with new styles and colors and it is so fun to match them with Amelia’s outfits

Pacifier Clip – These are by the same brand as the pacifiers, they employ moms around the country to make these clips

Bathing & Diapering

Bath/diapering registry picks
Bathtub | Thermometer Rubber Duck | Silicone Bath Brush | Shampoo/Lotion Bundle
Hair Rinser | Bath Towels | Bath Knee Pad | Brush and Comb Set
Changing Basket with Cotton InsertDiapers | Diaper Pail | Wipe Dispenser

Bathtub – 4-in-1, use from newborn to toddler. when Amelia was really little, we used the squeeze bottle to rinse out her shampoo

Thermometer Rubber Duck – Green light if the water is too cold, red light if water is too hot. This also became Amelia’s favorite bath toy

Silicone Bath Brush – Great for cradle cap or even just massaging shampoos on baby’s head

Shampoo/Lotion Bundle – Non-toxic, natural ingredients. This bundle has shampoo/body wash, daily lotion and an all-over-ointment. The ointment is wonderful for eczema, psoriasis, dryness, cradle cap and diaper rash. My husband even uses this on his own eczema patches and swears by it

Hair Rinser – soft flexible spout keeps water from getting in your little one’s eyes

Bath Towels – We originally got other towels for our registry but they were either too rough or very thin. We now only use these, they are super absorbent, plush, and soft. They can also be used as blankets

Bath Knee Pad – Save your knees from the bathroom floor

Brush and Comb Set – We actually got a brush and a comb from the hospital but these are very similar to them. 

Changing Basket with Cotton Insert – This was more of a want for me, we also have a generic changing pad in our playroom, but I love the look of this changing basket in Amelia’s nursery

Diapers – We have put a lot of diaper brands to the test, but our tried and true diapers (and wipes) are from the Honest Company. I love that they are non-toxic and Amelia has yet to leak through them like she has with many other brands

Diaper Pail – This diaper pail is actually cute, plus you can use regular trash bags

Wipe Dispenser This dispenser keeps my wipes enclosed in a cute container and is weighted so I only pull out 1 wipe at a time


Nursing BrasNipple CreamWashable Nursing PadsMilk Storage Bags
Feeding Support Pillow
Manual Breast Pump | BottlesBottle WarmerDrying Rack
BibsFork and SpoonBurp clothsHighchair

Nursing Bras – These are a must, there’s even a trick to use these bras to hold your breast pump and be hands-free

Nipple Cream – Breastfeeding and/or pumping can make you cracked and sore. This is my favorite as it is lanolin-free and safe for nursing

Washable Nursing Pads – You will leak, a lot. Make sure you don’t wake up with soaked sheets or go out in public and start leaking though your shirt. I chose these washable ones over the disposable since they are more environmentally friendly

Milk Storage Bags – Sadly I was not able to pump enough to store, but for those Mamas who are able to – make sure you build up your freezer stash

Feeding Support Pillow – This pillow allows your baby to easily breastfeed without you having to hold all of their weight or use bed pillows that you have to constantly adjust. You can also use this pillow with your baby for propping, tummy time, or sitting

Manual Breast Pump – THIS IS A MUST! I bought this before I gave birth but didn’t really know what to do with it. When I nursed or pumped I would have milk leaking out of my other breast and it was a big mess. I finally got this bad boy out and suctioned it to my breast that I wasn’t nursing/pumping on and it caught ALL of that letdown. Do not miss out on this small yet mighty pump. Click here to see a video I did for this breast pump

Bottles – These are the only bottles we tried and had no issues. They are very similar to nipples so there is no nipple confusion if going between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Big plus – they are dishwasher safe

Bottle Warmer – This was a really simple bottle warmer, make sure there is water inside, set the bottle in it and turn the dial. So simple

Drying Rack – This is still on our counter, it is great to set bottle and pump parts on to air dry. Very easy to clean

Bibs – Amelia is a “happy spitter” so she spits up A LOT! We love these thick, soft, adorable, quality bibs. Even if she wasn’t a volcano these are wonderful for drool

Fork and Spoon Combo – We used these as toys at first so Amelia got the hang of feeding herself. These silicon utensils have a spoon on one end and a fork that grabs on the other

Burp Cloths – You will use so many of these and they will get so dirty, don’t waste your time on pretty one. These cotton cloth diaper inserts are hands down the best

Highchair – Now that Amelia is eating solids, I am really liking this highchair. It is easy to clean, reclines, and goes from a traditional baby high chair – to an infant booster – to a toddler booster (which allows two kids to use it at the same time)


Health registry picks
Nasal AspiratorNail ClippersHand Sanitizer | Baby Care Book
Diaper Rash CreamHealing OintmentCorn Starch
ThermometerGripe WaterChest RubCough Syrup

Nasal Aspirator – It may seem gross to suck the snot out of your child, but it is way more effective than the bulbs the hospitals send you home with

Nail Clippers – I was terrified at first to cut Amelia’s nails, these clippers make it a lot easier with a light that shines on the nail so you can see what you are doing

Hand Sanitizer – Safe, natural, non-toxic – I have this right next to Amelia’s wipes so I can clean my hands after I change her diapers

Baby Care Book – I swear by this book. I was strict with the schedule this book has and Amelia has been sleeping 12 hours each night since she was 6.5 weeks old

Diaper Rash Cream – I only use this cream if she has a diaper rash, normally this clears it up in 1-2 uses

Healing Ointment – I only use this when I see that she might be getting a little red to prevent diaper rash, also great for dry skin. If her bottom looks normal, most of the time I do not apply anything before putting a new diaper on

Corn Starch  – Since talc is a no-no, I use cornstarch, this helps with moisture and friction – great for helping relieve diaper rash or any diaper irritation

Thermometer – Forehead and ear digital thermometer

Gripe Water – Safe for babies starting at 2 weeks, great for getting rid of hiccups and gas, especially in the middle of the night 

Chest Rub – natural chest rub to help your little one breathe when they have a stuffy nose

Cough Syrup – all-natural, safe for babies starting at 2 months

On-The-Go Gear

On the go registry picks
StrollerPack ‘n Play | Pack ‘n Play SheetsLounger
Infant Car SeatCar Seat ProtectorsConvertible Car SeatCar Mirror
Car Seat CoverBaby CarrierFancy Diaper BagCasual Diaper Bag

Stroller – I know this stroller is on the pricey side, but I tested lots of strollers out and I loved how easy and simple this one was to use. They also have one that converts to a double stroller (higher price tag, but comes with bassinet). This is such a beautiful and well-made stroller, and the car seat above also simply clicks into the stroller making outings even easier

Pack ‘n Play – Amelia slept in this pack n’ play in our room for the first 3 months before we moved her to the crib in her room. I love this pack n’ play and all the accessories it comes with. It includes a light/sound attachment, removable changing table, built-in storage, and bouncer. This was so wonderful to have for the middle of the night diaper changes, everything I needed was right there. This is great for traveling and quickly setting up a crib, whether you are in a hotel room, Grandma’s house or an RV. Amelia is 7 months now and I still have the bouncer in the kitchen so I can set her down while making her bottle or put it in the bathroom so I can see her while I shower and know she is safe

Pack ‘n Play Sheets – Great for keeping drool and spit-up off the pack ‘n play mattress

Lounger – This was a lifesaver when she was little, I could put it on the couch and let her take naps (so I didn’t have to climb the stairs each time she fell asleep). When you place your baby in these loungers the sides cradle them so they feel safe

Infant Car Seat – Compatible with my stroller, easy to install, and very safe
Car Seat Protectors – Car seats will wear down your seats, make sure you protect them, especially leather

Convertible Car Seat – I currently have this in my husband’s car, but once Amelia has outgrown her infant car seat I will switch her to this one. Can be used for children 4-120 pounds

Car Mirror – Easily see your baby when you look in your rearview mirror. This is a must for me, this way I can check on her while driving without stopping the car. 

Car Seat Cover – Amelia was born in March, so when she was little I would put this around her car seat when we went out to protect her from the weather and also from the flu. It can also be used as a breastfeeding, shopping cart, and high chair cover

Baby Carrier – Great for being hands-free while carrying your baby. I use this while shopping because I don’t want her carseat to take up the entire cart – especially at Target. I can’t wait to use this for hikes now that she is a little older and can face out

Fancy Diaper Bag – Since I no longer need a purse, I wanted the diaper bag that I use to look nice but also be practical. This faux leather backpack diaper bag is my favorite, it stores everything I need and I feel like a cool mom when I am out

Casual Diaper Bag – Great diaper bag for daycare, going outdoors, or even just for dads


Activity MatFoam Play MatHigh Contrast Cards
Floor MirrorCrinkle Paper Tag Toy | Giraffe TeetherRattle
Activity CenterDoorway JumperRocking LambKnit Stuffed Animal

Activity Mat – This mat is expensive but I can’t talk enough about how amazing and beneficial this mat is. It includes a guide to age-appropriate activities, has 5 development zones and turns into a fort

Foam Play Mat – Great play area floor mat for carpet or hardwoods. I really like that it is gray and white, looks great in our living room

High Contrast Cards – Great visual stimulations for babies

Floor Mirror – More than a mirror, the leaves and bee wings crinkle and the ladybug has a spinning rattle ball

Crinkle Paper Tag Toy – Babies absolutely love tags on everything and toys that crinkle

Giraffe Teether – This is a smaller teether that easily fits in little one’s mouths. Others that we have are very thick and it’s still hard for Amelia to bite on them

Rattle – Flexible, teething rattle

Activity Center – Simple, not too many colors, not overwhelming and when she is older it turns into a table

Doorway Jumper – Amelia would stay in this jumper all day if she could

Rocking Lamb – This is not a must, but I think it is so adorable for the nursery. The one we have (linked) sings songs that teach ABCs, 123s, colors and more

Knit Stuffed Animal – I use a Cuddle + Kind doll for Amelia’s monthly milestone pictures. When you buy one you help feed children in need. I am all about brands that give back

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