Indie & Chic

Indie & Chick - A talented designer begins crafting handmade teethers and burp cloths for her own kids and ends up with a thriving business.

Dixie Fresh Baby Food

As a business owner and busy mom of two young boys, Emily Forsythe became frustrated with the lack of convenient, fresh baby food options available in the Birmingham area. She wanted to feed her children food free of preservatives, artificial colorings, and flavorings. However, she couldn’t find any baby food to meet her needs. Finally, Emily decided to take matters in her own hands. She started making her own purees, yet she realized that most parents didn’t have time to do that. “I made it my mission to make feeding kids real, fresh, local food easy and stress-free for the parents of Birmingham,” she says. With that in mind, she founded Dixie Fresh, a local fresh baby food delivery service based in Birmingham. “Our goal is to make mealtime for babies and toddlers a breeze,” she says. The...

The Paisley Pea

Kendra’s passion for sewing, fabrics, and all things earthy ultimately led to her creation of the Paisley Pea, a vintage-inspired baby and maternity collection.

Amy Jason’s Cookie Fix

Life is sweet for Amy Jason, the talented baker who launched the Cookie Fix bakery.

Reborning at the Pink Glitter Nursery

Two talented artists create dolls so realistic they’re often mistaken for real babies. It's called "reborning", read how these moms turned this artform into a business.

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