Diary of a Stay at Home Dad

For Jonathan Burton, there was never any question: Being a stay-at-home dad made sense for him, his wife Lindsay Rhodes, and their son Leo. “My wife is a physician and invested a lot of time and energy into her career,” he says. “She loves her work.” Jonathan has an accounting degree and worked in the finance department of a large nonprofit. Though he enjoyed his work, he was eager to spend more time with Leo. “My dad passed away before I was 2, and I didn’t get to experience life with a father,” Jonathan says. “When I had the chance to be at home full time, it seemed like a great opportunity. I’m also very excited to be my son’s main teacher for the first few years of his life.” His last day in the office was five days before Leo arrived, which gave the couple a few days to relax and prep...

4 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

Dad may feel like he's missing out getting to nurture your newborn since he can't breastfeed but we have five great daily activities that dad can use to bond with baby.

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