Gather the family for a Super Bowl party with these super fun and quick snack ideas from our Pinterest board.

1. Pigskins in a Blanket

It’s crazy easy to make food look like footballs. All you have to do is take those pigs, put them in a blanket, and add some mustard to look like the lace on the ball and you are set. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

2. Mini Burgers

Burgers are a perfect game day meal, but they are often too big for kids to finish. Save yourself some time and make these bite-size patties to serve instead. They are the perfect size for children to enjoy and won’t leave anything to waste. It’s also easy to customize, so everyone can build their own burger just the way they like it.

3. Mini Corn Dogs

Who doesn’t love a good corn dog? These are perfect for the tiniest of tots at your party and I mean, come on, they’re adorable. You can whip up a platter of these from just one pack of hot dogs and it won’t take very little time at all.

4. Nutter Butter Referee’s

Finally! A football themed treat with a little bit of character. These referee cookies are great for the kids to enjoy and it also gives them a chance to get involved with the party preparations. Let them decorate and personalize the cookies, so they can show them off to the guests.

5. Cookie Dough Balls

Nobody can resist cookie dough. These eggless, chocolate covered, cookie dough footballs are a tasty treat the kids and adults at the party will absolutely love. They will also look great paired with the referee cookies. This is the one snack that looks like a football you have to have!

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