Throwing A Super Bowl Party for Kids

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With the Super Bowl coming up, you may be looking for kid-friendly ways to throw a Super Bowl Party. While the adults will be invested in their teams and the commercials, the little ones in attendance may need more to keep them entertained during the long game.

Here’s some ideas to help you throw a Super Bowl party kids will be sure to enjoy.


Tablecloth and Paper Goods

You don’t have to go all out for Super Bowl Sunday. Keep it simple and buy some football-themed party supplies. If everyone attending your party is rooting for the same team, then you could buy decorations that showcase your team’s colors. But if they’re rooting for different teams, then you could always choose more basic “touchdown” themed supplies like this.

Inflatable Football Cooler

If you want the food table to have a little more of a wow factor, this inflatable football-themed cooler will keep your drinks and juice boxes cold while adding a little pizazz to the décor. Plus, considering our love of football here in the south, you’ll also get to reuse it at all your future college football Saturday watch parties.


Football Pudding Cups


Let’s face it; the kids are here for the snacks (and so are we). These football-themed dirt cups are sure to be a hit amongst the little ones. They’re also very easy to make! Just layer Oreo crumbs, chocolate pudding, and green icing, then top it off with a football cookie.

Popcorn Snack Bags

If you want an even easier snack, make some football popcorn bags. Get some brown paper bags, then use paint, a marker, or tape to add football seams. This is a great DIY for the kids to help out with as well while you pop the bags of popcorn. How much easier can it get?!

Chili Bar


With the weather being colder, opt for a chili bar to warm up. Set out all the ingredients so everyone can make their chili just the way they like it. This also makes it easy to please any picky eaters.

Games and Activities

Football Movement Game – Race to the End Zone

This football-themed variety pack comes with seven different games to play. One of our favorites is Race To The End Zone. Players will roll the dice and move their pawn the number of spaces. Then, they’ll have to complete whatever activity they land on. First one to reach the end zone wins! This game will allow kids to have fun while still being active.

Football Themed Bingo

Bingo is a great game for all ages to play and you can play it throughout commercial breaks to keep everyone involved. This version uses football-themed words instead of numbers and comes with football-shaped chips!

Football Coloring Pages

Give the kids some crayons and markers and let them get creative. There are plenty of downloadable football-themed coloring pages and word searches to choose from on the internet. Print some out and set up a coloring table in the living room so they can be in on the game day action too.

Football Cup Knockdown

This is an easy game to set up and clean up. Just use a paint pen to draw laces onto brown plastic cups. Then stack them up and use a soft football to knock them down. See who can knock the most down with one throw! This one will be sure to keep the little ones entertained throughout the night.

Football Toss

This is a challenging game the whole family will enjoy competing in. Toss the bean bags through the holes and see who can get the most points. Not only will this game be fun for the kids at the party, but it will also help with their hand-eye coordination and math skills. Double win!

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