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5 Baby Sun Safety Products


How we care for baby always differs a little than how we care for ourselves and big kids because their bodies and systems are still developing. How we care for infants in the sun is no exception, special care is needed to keep them safe.  Before you head to the pool or beaches check out a few of the products below that can help keep the youngest member of the family safe in the sun.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers the following tips to protect children from the sun:

  • Keep infants younger than 6 months out of direct sunlight, protected by the shade of an umbrella or tree. When physical protection from the sun is inadequate, apply sunscreen to small areas of your infant’s body, such as the face and hands.
  • Make sure children always wear sunblock, protective clothing, sunglasses, and a hat with the brim facing forward. Baseball caps do not provide protection for ears or neck.
  • Children and infants should wear sunglasses whenever they are in the sun long enough to get a tan. For maximum protection, pick a pair that fits your child well, has large lenses, and is labeled to block UV rays.
  • Try to avoid or minimize your child’s sun exposure between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., when the sun’s rays are at their peak of intensity.
  • Because clouds reduce UV rays by only 20% to 40%, kids should wear sun protection even when it’s cloudy outside.


Holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July usually involve fireworks. If you have an infant and you are going to be around loud noises or music, such as a concert or car race, consider using Baby Banz.

BANZ® Hear No Blare earmuffs

Comfortable foam pads, sturdy cups, foldability, and stringent specs make BANZ® Hear No Blare earmuffs right to keep your loved ones safe from noise-induced hearing loss. What’s more, they are colorful, attractive, and long-lasting.

BANZ® Original See No Glare sunglasses

Light and durable, bright and colorful, fitted yet flexible, BANZ® Original See No Glare Banz polarized lenses have a UV 400 rating for 100% UVA/UVB protection providing protection in even the harshest of environments.

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This photo of a child with red, blistered cheeks is trending on the internet because the parent used aerosol sunscreen that was too strong for the child’s face. Not all sunscreens are appropriate for infant skin. Not only do ingredients in sunscreen interact with skin, but data shows after application of lotions, some of the same chemicals can be detected in the bloodstream.

Most physicians recommend that it’s best to keep infants under 6 months of age out of the sun, or to cover them up in long sleeves and a hat, but if you can’t consult with your doctor about using sunscreen on small areas. For children over 6 months a sunscreen specifically made for children is recommended. These sunscreens use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to form a physical barrier against the sun’s rays; these ingredients are not absorbed into the skin and are better for infants.

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50

The sunscreen developed by Thinkbaby falls into the highest category for water resistance and has a SPF 50+ Rating.

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Bella Bliss Sunscreen Hats

Bella Bliss sun hats are especially popular because they tie at neck keeping them from falling off or being taken off by baby. 100% cotton. Fully lined and machine washable. $20


Photo: Bella Bliss






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BANZ UV Swimwear

Banz two-piece swim set includes a short sleeve UPF 50 rash guard and coordinating swimwear bottom. Maximum coverage for active kids. All Banz® swimwear has been clinically tested to a rating of UPF 50+.

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