Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer



The Wabi Baby sterilizer is a 3-in-1 sterilizer that combines steam sterilization, hot air drying, and storage function. With one push of a button, items are sterilized and dried within one hour. The Wabi Baby can hold up to eight bottles at a time.

Wabi Baby pairs sterilizing and drying in one unit. Traditional air-drying causes baby products to accumulate household dust and wet breeding ground for bacteria post-sterilizing.Wabi Baby dries the sterilized items immediately, and at the same time acts as a covered storage. In short, no more drying rack to clutter your countertop.

Wabi Baby can sterilize the following:

  • Baby Bottles
  • Breast Pumps
  • Sippy Cups
  • Pacifiers
  • Teething Toys
  • Kids Dining Ware
  • Medicine Feeding Tools
  • Nebulizers

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