Kelly McLaughlin’s Promised Parenting

Kelly McLaughlin grew up in rural Alabama, she and her husband Bain, and their sons Penn (age 5) and Wic (age 18 months) live on a farm in Orrville, Alabama. They raise beef cattle and cotton. A decade ago, when Kelly’s niece was born, her sister had an in-home visit with a Moms on Call (MOC) consultant. The confidence the consultation gave her sister, as well as the speed with which her niece slept through the night, made a powerful impression on Kelly. Someday, when she had children, she planned to take advantage of the service too. Fast-forward to 2013: After Penn was born, a MOC consultant visited the family and instantly increased Kelly’s confidence.

“From that day on, I began to share MOC with all of my friends,” Kelly recalls. “I talked about it every chance I got!”

She considered becoming a consultant herself—she had finished nursing school in 2009, and had always enjoyed helping others—but decided to wait until she had more personal parenting experience. By summer 2017, when Wic was a few months old, she felt ready. After completing the training, she officially became an independent Moms on Call consultant in November 2017.

“Moms on Call has been such a blessing to my family, as well as thousands of families across the globe, and I’m so blessed and so proud to be a part of something so wonderful,” Kelly says. “I have always found immense joy in serving others. To be able to walk into a home and help a family bring balance to the chaos and be better rested—I cannot put into words what a blessing that is to me.”

After some soul-searching, Kelly named her newborn and toddler consulting service Promised Parenting. “When thinking about parenting and all of the challenges that come with, I just kept being led back to the word ‘promise,’” Kelly recalls. “At the time, I was listening to one of my favorite Christian artists on repeat and the idea of God’s many promises just saturated that album, and therefore my thought process too. I just think it’s appropriate: Parenting is tough, but God’s promises are so abundant.”

Through Promised Parenting, Kelly’s goal is to bring peace and balance to families in Selma and surrounding areas. For maximum flexibility, she offers in-home, telephone, and email support packages. Her favorite, though In-home consultations, where she gets to help parents establish a bath time and bedtime routine and swaddle their little ones in a MOC blanket. “It is the sweetest thing, watching them become so relaxed and then drift off into a peaceful nap,” she says. Once a baby naps, she can then connect with the parents—particularly mothers—by listening, reviewing schedules and family routines, and pinpointing the best solutions.

While the majority of her consulting is for families with newborns and infants, she also offers toddler support. The goal: to help parents pinpoint their child’s specific design and parent geared to that. “They are all wired differently,” Kelly says. “Moms on Call has really given parents a resource to lessen the stress of toddlerhood!”

Kelly offers her services through Promised Parenting and Moms on Call.

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