America’s most beloved baby lifestyle brand, Munchkin, is heading out across the U.S. to celebrate the launch of Grass FedTM infant formula & toddler drink, another branch of Munchkin’s consumables. When it came to baby formula, Munchkin wanted to raise the standard. Because the majority of infant formula, including Munchkin’s, is made with up to 65% milk or milk by-products – Munchkin searched for a higher standard of milk – and found it in New Zealand. There, cows spend their days roaming green pastures. Munchkin took that a step further and paid the New Zealand farmers a premium to ensure that the cows have access to pasture 365 days a year.

Introducing Grass FedTM milk-based infant formula with iron, the only formula sold in the U.S. made with milk from 100% certified grass fed cows*, from the pristine lands of New Zealand. When compared to traditional milk, 100% grass fed milk contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and CLA. Naturally, the milk found in Munchkin’s Grass FedTM infant formula is GMO free, rBGH free, antibiotic free, and grain free.

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Munchkin at Babypalooza

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