Mom Hacks for the Pool or Beach

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Just like any outing with children in tow a trip to the pool requires planning and packing. These mom hacks for the pool will help you save time and have a fun, relaxing day laying out by the water.

Pool Day Hacks

1. Sunscreen

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Apply sunscreen before you even leave the house and go out to the pool. Chances are, your kid is going to be ready to jump in once you arrive and won’t want to wait long enough to let the sunscreen dry. Or they’ll already be too hot and sweaty for it to be effective. Doing it beforehand will give it plenty of time to set in and will ensure your child’s skin is protected.

2. Snack Hacks


If you don’t have a lunchbox or cooler to store your snacks in, don’t fret. You can always use an empty Coffee-Mate bottle or baby wipe container to keep your snacks in. This can also allow you to make individual snacks for you and your children so no one fights over who gets what.

3. Pool Patrol Badge


Making sure all of the little ones at the pool are safe is most important when spending time by the pool. Print off a badge that indicates who is in charge of keeping an eye on the kids and take turns so everyone can get a break. This person is basically acting as a lifeguard. They should always be facing the pool and shouldn’t have anything distracting them.

4. Pack A Balloon

girl blowing up balloon

Ears can get clogged while swimming and diving. If your child’s ears are plugged up, just have them inflate a balloon to relieve the pressure. It’s really that simple! If their ears are still bothering them, have them hold their nose while blowing up the balloon to see if that helps.

5. Aloe Gel

aloe gel

Keep aloe gel stored in a cooler. In the chance that your child does get a sunburn, the aloe will be nice and cool when you apply it and will make the burn feel much better.

6. Put Your Phone In A Ziploc Bag

Phone in bag

This one pretty much explains itself. Being by the pool with children means there is going to be a lot of splashing going on. You don’t want to leave your phone out and risk the possibility of it drowning and having to buy a new one (Those things aren’t cheap!). So, keep it in a Ziploc bag where it’ll be safe and dry and you’ll still be able to use it when you need to.

7. Cooler Mini Shower

Pool shower

If you have a cooler with a spout, fill it up with ice. As you spend your day at the pool, the ice will melt and leave you with a cooler full of water at a nice temperature. You can then use the spout to create a mini-shower to rinse off your child before they go back in the house or car.

Got any other pool hacks moms need to know about? Share them in the comments below!

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