I am Ophelia

Introductions aren’t my thing at all, but I want you guys to know who I am.

I am Ophelia.
I am a wife, to Aaron.
I am a mother, to Noah and Joseph.
I am a SAHM-turned-WAHM.

I never aspired to be a wife and mother. You know, most little girls would dream of the huge wedding to the perfect guy that resulted in perfect babies. That wasn’t me.

I met my husband Aaron while I was attending college. We literally met at the club. I stopped him as he walked by, and I gave him my number. Y’all, I’m not really sure why I even did that, because I had never been that forward with anyone. Ever. I even had a boyfriend at the time. It must have been divine intervention because we became inseparable. We started out as just friends. We hung out, we talked about our days, and we even gave each other advice about the people we were both currently dating.

Then one day we decided to kick things up a notch, and we started dating. We would take each out on dates and yeah well I became pregnant.

Our relationship struggled at the beginning of our parenthood journey because we were so young. I mean we hadn’t officially, officially started dating. We were still getting to know each other, and then here’s this baby who takes up every ounce of love and time you thought you had. We just couldn’t find the balance.

I continued to go to school full-time while also being a mom full-time. Man … that struggle was real. Fortunately, Aaron had graduated and was working full-time. Although he still wasn’t working in his field of study, he made everything happen for his new family. And although our relationship was still struggling, our physical connection is just undeniable … and then boom. I became pregnant. Again.

What in the world? How did birth control fail me? I endured so much taking birth control, and you mean to tell me it didn’t do its one job—the only job I was taking it for? The only job I just knew it would do?!

There was no question in our mind that this baby was to bring our family closer together. There were no thoughts about terminating the pregnancy, and we told people right away. We were excited.

The birth of my second child traumatized me. This is definitely a story for another day, but I wanted to mention it because his birth propelled me into learning more about birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, and more natural ways to live. I am actually still breastfeeding him to this day. He’s 3 years old now, and he doesn’t nurse as often as he used to, but the boobs are definitely still here when he needs them.

I am now a Certified Lactation Consultant, babywearing expert, blogger, content creator, mother, and wife. Being the voice of others who have stories similar to mine is important to me. Being able to create content for my family, friends, and followers, being able to see how I reach people and being able to speak my truth is very fulfilling.

There is so much more to me, and I can’t wait to continue to share it with you guys. I’ll be teaching babywearing at the Babypaoooza LIVE events. Be sure to come by and see me.

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