How to Earn Points

There are several benefits to joining the Babypalooza community.

  1. When you register for an account you get access to member only areas such as groups and discussion boards. To create a safe space these areas are only for those who have been verified.
  2. By providing information about where you are in your parenthood journey you get a personalized experience and newsletter.
  3. You get to have fun. As a member you get points for prizes as you contribute to the community. Accumlate points and rise through the ranks getting swag along the way!

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CREATE YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS is a social community where you have you can build your own parenting support circle by finding and following friends and sharing your journey.


Everyone loves how much fun it is to attend the Babypalooza Baby Expos and play games to win prizes.  We wanted to bring that same atmosphere to you. We call it learn to earn.

As a member, you can earn points for your daily activity. You can trade them in for swag like t-shirts and water bottles and as you rise through the ranks you can start earn virtual swag bags and the ability to get big products to review and more.

Here are just a few of the ways you can earn points.

  • You received 10 points just for registering
  • 5 points for logging in every day (1 per day)
  • 5 points to comment on a post
  • 5 points to share a post on social media
  • 5 points to visit a blog post (limited to 5 per day)
  • 5 points to watch a youtube video
  • 10 points to purchase a product

Earn the most points by competing in the weekly CHALLENGES that you get through the newsletter. Challenges may include reading an article, asking a question, posting a review or completing one of the parenting courses.

User – Level 1
Babypalooza userYou get this just for joining

Member – Level 2
Member5,000 points
Babypalooza t-shirt

Friend – Level 3
Friend10,000 points
Babypalooza wine tumbler or water bottle

Advocate – Level 4
Advocate15,000 points
Virtual swag bag. You will get a list of FREE STUFF codes to fill up your own gift box

Influencer – Level 5
Influencer20,000 points
As an influencer, you will receive products to review, participate in focus groups, and more.

Village Leader – Level 6
Village-Leader40,000 points
At this level you are on team Babypalooza, serving at the events and on the advisory board helping to shape and support the community.