Cheez-Its and Wine in One Box? Yes Please

Once upon a time, entertaining meant fine wines and fancy cheese platters. But becoming a (tired) mom, means putting a whole new spin on wine and food pairings: for instance, your toddler’s leftover mac and cheese with a Riesling or a nice Sauvignon Blanc alongside cold chicken nuggets.

But there’s a new (and amazing) limited-edition wine pairing option: Cheez-Its and wine IN THE SAME BOX. This handy wine-and-cracker box will be available online for $25 beginning July 25 at

People have long experimented with wine (and whine) and Cheez-It pairings, so the company decided to make it easier. In the words of House Wine: “No corkscrew? No knife? No fridge? No expensive hunk of wood referred to by fancy people as a “charcuterie board”? No problem.”

According to the press release announcing this momentous occasion, the pairing was chosen because it “highlights the cheesy, crunchy satisfaction packed into every Cheez-It cracker and couples it with the red currant aromas and juicy red fruit delivered in House Wine’s Original Red Blend.”

If you want to experiment with Cheez-It flavors beyond the original, the wine brand recommends a couple of other options: White Cheddar paired with a Rosé and Extra Toasty paired with a Sauvignon Blanc. They actually determined this groundbreaking information through taste tests and a winemaker’s “expert process.”

So grab your limited-edition Cheez-Its and wine box before they run out. Picnics, girls’ nights, barbecues … the sky’s the limit! Long live wine (not whine) and cheese!

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