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Green Eggs & Goats

Meet Heather Jackson. She’s a wife and mom of three, with her fourth child on the way. She’s also a hard-working homesteader who gathers eggs, milks the cows, tends to the goats, and works in the garden.

Moms Helping Moms on the Border

Moved to “do something” about the suffering of women and children on the border two moms travel to Texas to volunteer at an Immigrant Processing Center.

Diary of a Stay at Home Dad

For Jonathan Burton, there was never any question: Being a stay-at-home dad made sense for him, his wife Lindsay Rhodes, and their son Leo. “My wife is a physician and invested a lot of time and energy into her career,” he says. “She loves her work.” Jonathan has an accounting degree and worked in the finance department of a large nonprofit. Though he enjoyed his work, he was eager to spend more time with Leo. “My dad passed away before I was 2, and I didn’t get to experience life with a father,” Jonathan says. “When I had the chance to be at home full time, it seemed like a great opportunity. I’m also very excited to be my son’s main teacher for the first few years of his life.” His last day in the office was five days before Leo arrived, which gave the couple a few days to relax and prep...

Indie & Chic

Indie & Chick - A talented designer begins crafting handmade teethers and burp cloths for her own kids and ends up with a thriving business.

Kelly McLaughlin’s Promised Parenting

Through Promised Parenting, Kelly’s goal is to bring peace and balance to families in Selma and surrounding areas. For maximum flexibility, she offers in-home, telephone, and email support packages.

Mom to Mom the Birth Stories Conversation

Four moms with four different types of birth experiences share their birth stories.

The Paisley Pea

Kendra’s passion for sewing, fabrics, and all things earthy ultimately led to her creation of the Paisley Pea, a vintage-inspired baby and maternity collection.

Amy Jason’s Cookie Fix

Life is sweet for Amy Jason, the talented baker who launched the Cookie Fix bakery.

Reborning at the Pink Glitter Nursery

Two talented artists create dolls so realistic they’re often mistaken for real babies. It's called "reborning", read how these moms turned this artform into a business.

Conquering Kawasaki Disease

After struggling to pinpoint a diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease for their ill baby several years ago, one family is grateful for a happy ending.

Prayers and Hopes for My Children

This is an ongoing list of precepts that I keep in the notes section of my cellphone in hopes of one day sharing them with my children.

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