Babywearing Demonstrations

babypaloozu babywearing class

You’re likely familiar with many of the benefits of babywearing, from convenience to improved bonding. Now see these benefits in action! Join wife, mother, certified lactation consultant, blogger, and babywearing expert Ophelia to learn the basics of babywearing at Babypalooza.

She’ll demonstrate different babywearing techniques in her hands-on demonstrations, and you can try out a variety of carriers, including wraps, slings, and pouches. You’ll also get valuable tips and instructions from Ophelia to make sure you’re wearing your baby correctly.

Ophelia also provides lactation support via phone consultation. Learn more about her services on her website.

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Ring Slings are identified by a length of fabric with two rings attached to one end. The tail of the sling is threaded through the rings to create an adjustable pouch. The carrier is worn over one shoulder similar to a sash. Ring slings are great for newborns as well as older babies and toddlers.