Baby Gear Guides

Our best picks for strollers, infant car seats, video monitors, bath products, cloth diapers, and more.

We get it. Trying to decide between the endless brands of baby monitors, bath products, cloth diapers, and baby cribs is difficult. And what about baby car seats and breast pumps? The list goes on and on. The good news? Our Gear Guides break it all down for you.

It’s one thing to know what gear you need for a baby, but an entirely other thing to know how to choose among the vast sea of baby products out there. Our Gear Guides take the stress out of choosing to ensure you purchase the right gear for you and your baby. We walk you through the product specifics and narrow the long list down to our top picks. From one mother to another, you can rest assured that our recommendations are what we would use – or already do use – for our own children.

Trying to decide between babywearing and strollers? Check out our stroller buying guide or the different types of carriers out there. And let’s not forget about the ring slings and the bassinets that you can choose from! From best high chairs of 2019 to baby bouncers and swings, this year’s best infant car seats, tips on purchasing baby swimsuits, and the best natural baby products, this Gear Guide covers it all.

Don’t let all the products out there psych you out – browse our Gear Guides and find the best fit for you!

Types of Baby Carriers

There are many benefits of babywearing for both the baby and caregiver, including babies who cry less and caregivers who are able to be hands-free. How do you know which baby carrier is right for you?

The Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide

You love holding your baby close—until your arms get tired. Here’s how to choose the stroller that best suits your needs.

Ring Sling Baby Carriers

Ring Slings are identified by a length of fabric with two rings attached to one end. The tail of the sling is threaded through the rings to create an adjustable pouch. The carrier is worn over one shoulder similar to a sash. Ring slings are great for newborns as well as older babies and toddlers.

How to Choose the Right Bassinet for Your Baby

Buying a bassinet is an easy way to keep baby close, comfortable, and safe.

High Chair Picks

Once your little one moves on to chewing his or her food, it’s time to consider one of the many high chairs that are on the market. Here are our picks for 2019.

Diaper Bags: The Best of 2019

Your diaper bag is now and will be, your trusted sidekick during your baby’s early years. Check out our diaper bag guide to find one you will love and that will last.

Daddy Diaper Bags

Moms enjoy all the luxuries of cute, organized diaper bags, why can’t dad’s enjoy the same? Check out our favorite daddy diaper bags.

Breast Pump Picks

Most breast pumps available on the market today are all BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe, come with bottles you pump directly into and, for electric pumps, have controls to adjust the suction power and speed, however, some are better than others. 

Best Infant Car Seats for 2019

It’s safe to say that there is no purchase more important than your baby’s car seat. That is why we are narrowing down the top baby car seats of 2019 and what the other moms are saying about them.

Baby Swimsuit Buying Tips

From sewn in swim diapers to floaties, check out these smart tips on how to buy the right swimsuit for your baby or toddler.

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Rest easy with the right baby monitor. We share buying advice and top pics for audio baby monitors, video baby monitors, and baby vitals monitors.

Baby Cribs: The Ultimate Buying Guide

This crib buying guide walks you through safety considerations when purchasing a crib and shares our picks from and the top-rated cribs for 2019.

Baby Car Seats 101 – What to Know before Buying

The prospect of choosing the right car seat may seem overwhelming. You can do this! Read on for a complete guide to choosing the right car seat.

Baby Bouncers and Baby Swings: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Batteries or plug-in? Motion? Questions answered in our 2019 buying guide for choosing the right baby bouncer or swing for your baby and your lifestyle.

All About Cloth Diapers

Considering cloth diapers? Learn how to choose the right cloth diapers, wash cloth diapers, deal with diaper rash, and keep baby dry overnight.

8 Baby Bath Time Products We Love

From shampoo to toys we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding awesome baby bathtime products.

10+ Natural Baby Products

All-natural baby products don’t need to break the bank. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite natural products for bathtime, skin care, feeding, playtime, and more. 


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