What is Babypalooza?

Founded in 2005 Babypalooza is a lifestyle brand that helps new and expectant moms plan for all stages of mommy hood (preconception, pregnancy, postnatal to preschool).

A Safe Community

Babypalooza exists for anyone thinking of having a baby, just found out they are expecting, or have had or adopted a child in the last twelve months..

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Why Babypalooza

New and expectant moms, especially first-time moms have lots of questions. Babypalooza provides a trusted resource to help answer those questions. Our experienced staff, expert advisory board, and mom trust bloggers share resources and information from preconception to preschool.

Meet the Team

Our staff works hard to provide information and resources that will inform, encourage, and educate.

Sarah Holland
Content Director
Mexia Hall
Project Manager / Events
Tori Bishop
MS Gulf Coast Director
Melody M
Melody Manasco
Content Producer
Babypalooza Founder
Cecilia Pearson

We’re always looking for talent

Want to help us change the world? Or would you like to be a writer or guest contributor? Great! Send us a writing query or link to your resumé to become part of our talent pool.



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