About Babypalooza

“It takes a village to raise a child” – African Proverb
In today’s modern world it takes Babypalooza.

Babypalooza is a virtual community connecting moms to critical information and to each other to help them grow healthy families. Committed to advocating and raising awareness for maternal and infant mortality, Babypalooza works to improve the care gap in both pre-natal and postpartum care. Moms and babies are the top priority.

Born out of a realization that if we join together we learn together, Babypalooza is a free resource for inspirational stories, support groups, products, services, information, recommendations, and educational articles.

The majority of Babypalooza users are first-time moms eagerly seeking information to help them feel secure, equipped and knowledgeable about mommyhood from preconception, to pregnancy, to postnatal, and all the way through preschool!

Babypalooza reaches moms across the nation via a curated mix of offerings including the website, app, social media, expos, and a magazine. The combined force of these elements helps insure that no mom will feel isolated, no matter where she lives!

Passion is what moves us and we are moving every barrier to reach all women at this all-so-critical stage of their lives.

Knowledge moves us forward, sharing it keeps us going. Join our mission! The Babypalooza team is doing a lot with a little and wish to do more! Discover how you can volunteer, support, donate, partner, and sponsor Babypalooza by clicking here.