Instant Pot Dishes Kids Love


Finding the time to cook dinner as a busy parent is tough. Deciding on a meal that will satisfy the whole family is tougher. Luckily with the Instant Pot, you can cook dinner your kids will love and most in under 30 minutes.

Pizza in a Pot

Kids love pizza, but sometimes we all need a break from the standard cheesy pie. This pizza casserole recipe will be sure to keep the kids excited for dinner and will be enjoyable for the entire family. With just meat, pasta, and cheese, this recipe couldn’t be any simpler. You can even get the kids involved with the cooking process by letting them add their own toppings to the dish!


Chicken Noodle Soup

Winter is upon us and there is no better dish to warm up with than Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s also perfect for when the kids find themselves with a sniffly nose and cold. In 30 minutes, you can have delicious, homemade soup made with ease.


Taco Pasta

Taco Tuesday just got better! This taco pasta recipe removes the fallout mess that comes from taco shells and replaces it with noodles. This meal is perfect for even the smallest of children.


Beef Stew

Another meal perfect for cold, winter nights is beef stew. This meal provides all the veggies kids need with a flavor they’ll actually love. The best part is, you get to put all the ingredients in the Instapot and let it do all the work for you in half the time it would normally take to make the dish.


Pound Cake

Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert. That’s the only thing the kids are here for anyway, right? This pound cake recipe is perfect for everyone because it can be made to each person’s liking. Add chocolate, strawberries, whip cream…the possibilities are endless! The recipe also gives tips on how to get the perfect, fluffy cake you deserve.


Chocolate Lava Cake

Another dessert perfect for the chocolate loving family are these mini chocolate lava cakes. Most of the ingredients for this recipe are probably already sitting in your pantry just waiting to be used. The size of these makes them perfect for kids, allowing them to enjoy dessert but not have too much before bedtime.


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