We all look forward to rest and relaxation after a long day. With a little more intention, we can find deep physical release while also sharing quality time with a loved one — something that we might take for granted when it comes to parceling out our precious time at the end of the day. Partner Yoga offers an opportunity to relax a tired, achy body and rest a worn-thin mind through providing support and comfort for one another.

Take a few minutes this week to try Reclined Bound Angle + Wide Legged Forward Fold:

Begin by sitting back to back, taking a few deep breaths.
Partner One sitting in bound angle, with soles of the feet touching, legs in a diamond shape.
Partner Two sitting with legs wide, slightly engaged.
Inhale to lengthen your backs, pressing them slightly against one another.

Annie with her mom, Heidi (photo credit: Stacey Allen)

As you exhale, Partner One will fold forward, Partner Two will bend back, releasing the full weight of the body against Partner One’s back.

Remain here for 10 or more long deep breaths.
Return upright on an exhale. Repeat with roles reversed.

-Both partners may sit in a wide-legged position.
-Partner One begins in child’s pose and Partner Two begins in hero pose (ending in reclined hero pose).

Partner Yoga: Stretch Your Body, Strengthen Your Bond

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Annie Damsky
About The Author
- Annie Damsky is the owner of Villager Yoga, a studio that offers yoga for the whole family, located on Overton Road in Mountain Brook/Cahaba Heights area. She is certified to teach prenatal yoga, kids yoga and grown-up yoga and has been sharing the practice of yoga with the community since 2009. Annie had her first child, a baby girl, last year in February.