Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. The Babypalooza Baby Expo + Parenting Conference provides education and information to millennial parents.

Baby Expo + Parenting

Come and connect to local baby and maternity resources and learn all about what the community has to offer your growing family. Unlike other baby shows that charge for admission, Babypalooza is FREE to attend. Understanding the importance of getting a great start Babypalooza focuses on Maternity Wellness, Child Safety, and Early Learning.

At Babypalooza you will be able to attend BabypaloozaU, mini-seminars on topics such as lactation, taking baby home, myth busters and other common issues for parents of newborns. You will also learn about proper car seat installation, infant CPR, safe sleep practices, baby proofing and more in the child safety area. Local child care centers and early learning specialists will be on hand to teach how to help their child thrive in all areas.

And because Babypalooza is a family affair,  everyone is welcome, bring your spouse, mom, friend, and sister. We make sure it’s FUN.


Babypalooza Foundation

Babypalooza Inc. is a non-profit corporation, and we exist to educate and inform parents. We accomplish our mission through the Expos but we also serve marginalized populations that may not make it to an event.

Babypalooza provides grants to non-profits to assist in their community outreach.

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